North Jersey Hiking Spots Worth Checking Out This Summer

Longing nature’s vibes? Feeling adventurous? Prepared to see all that Earth has in store and more? Get out! Take a hike with your poles! See what this excellent world has to offer. From historic landmarks, to rock climbing to waterfalls, there a lots to find out when setting out on your adventure. Discover the following hiking spots truly worth checking out this summer:

West Essex Trail

The West Essex Trail starts in Verona, New Jersey and ends in Cedar Grove. It is level area generally and very recommended for first timer hikers. This basic walk that feels like a stroll in the park will lead you to a relaxing scene, worth all the walking you partake in.

Mills Reservation

Mills Reservation, ranging from Cedar Grove to Montclair, New Jersey, is a different hiking spot you won’t have to miss out a great opportunity for this summers. This reservation has various paths, all simple to explore. You can even see the city horizon out there at points. In case you’re hoping to hike with your pet this trail is very much recommended.

Garret Mountain

Garret Mountain is well-known for the Lambert Castle, which you’ll certainly need to look at while having a water break. This building, alongside other medieval-resembling figures, gives this hike a historic feel. What you can find unique about this place located in West Paterson, New Jersey, is its full circle layout, including trails, as well as streets to walk on also.

Ramapo Reservation

Ramapo Reservation, to be found in Mahwah, New Jersey, is a very popular spot to hike this summer. There are various trails to take after, giving you another new adventure to set forward on each time you return to this plot of land. A few trails are basic, while others are tough and strenuous. This satisfying variation makes Ramapo Reservation appealing for all types of hikers. Ramapo Reservation is the ideal spot to fish, and as well swimming after a hot summer hike.

Ramapo Reservation
Ramapo Reservation

Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain extends all through Boonton, Kinnelon, and Montville and includes all the more peaceful and quiet trails. It is an amazing spot to escape, reflect, sit and relax. In spite of the fact that these ways are somewhat rough while hiking, the workout you’ll get consequently is remarkable. Make sure to look at the famous Tripod Rock while discovering these woods!

High Mountain Park Preserve

High Mountain Park Preserve, to be found in Wayne and North Haledon, New Jersey right close William Paterson University is another difficult, rewarding hike to overcome. You won’t be dissatisfied when you see the perfect views of Northern New Jersey and even New York City. This trail is preferred amongst bicyclists.

Stairway to Heaven Trail

The Stairway to Heaven Trail to be found in Vernon, New Jersey. In the event that you have not checked at this hike yet make it a priority to do as such this summer. It might have been one of the hardest mountains however the tricky slope drove you to magnificence and this surprising view. Bear in mind to look at the boardwalk area of this hike to be found across the street!