Michigan’s Best Hiking Spot

Why Little Presque Isle Beach Is Michigan’s Best Hiking Spot


You’ve been searching for best hiking spot for a long time. That place where you can enjoy one of Michigan’s astonishing Great Lakes, on a rugged terrain, far away from the crowds. We know; we’ve been looking as well.

That is the reason we adore the hiking around Little Presque Isle Beach. It has all of that and its perfect for all seasons, whether you’re hoping to swim, beach bum, picnic or hike. The thing you’ll need to remember is that Little Presque Beach is really on the mainland, facing the island.


In case you’re up for a challenge, you can really make your way to the island in the event that you strap on some waterproof foot protection. At that point, you have right to use to every one of the majesties of both island and the mainland.


Also, obviously the views are basically dazzling, regardless of where you’re standing.


Regardless of the possibility, that’s despite everything still frozen out, you’ll make sure to have an unforgettable trip.


Likely the best part of this trip is it’s only a short distance from Marquette, so you have access to a countryside, natural oasis yet doesn’t need to stress over being too far from civilization.